Internet Connection - Slow Speeds

If your connection is slow at times - there could be several possible reasons.

Check your speed

  • Visit and compare the results to the speeds your plan allows
  • Keep in mind that the speed results will be 'up to' what your plan offers

One or more of your devices could be using up your bandwidth

  • Turn off all of your devices that you use on the Internet except for one.
  • If your device is wi-fi - stand next to your router and do a speed test
  • If the speeds are near what your plan allows - something on your network is using your bandwidth
  • If you see speeds are still low - make that device isn't doing updates or have something running in the background using up the bandwidth otherwise - see below

Bypassing your Network

  • Unplug the cable from the Internet (WAN/Modem) port on the back of the router and plug it directly into your computer (Note: if you computer is hardwired to the router - unplug the cable going to router from the back of your computer and plug the 'cable from the router in its place)
  • Wait about 10 seconds and check and see if you have a connection.
  • Test your speed now - if it is near what your plan allows then its possible your router is causing the connect to be slower
  • You may call Surf Air Wireless support and see if its possible to resolve the issue - its possible the router may have issues.

Streaming movies / TV shows / Gaming

  • Streaming & gaming requires a faster plan of at least 6Mbps (Wave Rider Plan) or higher to allow for a problem free service.
  • We recommend 15Mbps Surfs Up Plan) or more  if gaming and streaming is done simultaneously with your connection