Surf Air Wireless Remote Access

Surf Air Wireless can now help assist with your technical problems by logging into your computer/device remotely. Follow the steps below to get your problems resolved quicker and easier without touching your mouse or keyboard!

  • Call our technical support staff to create a support ticket
  • Click on I Agree below - this will open a webpage
  • You will see the session name that was assigned and click the 'arrow' icon
  • Your browser should download the app. Click on the file in the bottom left corner of your browser to start launching the app.
  • You will get one of the following options:
    - You may get a pop up window to click Run.  - Click Run
    - You may get a pop up window that says: Do you want the App to make changes to your device - Click Yes
  • The Customer Service Rep will now have access to your computer/device.

Surf Air Wireless Remote Access Disclaimer

By accepting an invitation from a Surf Air Wireless representative to allow access to your computer, you accept responsibility for any changes made to the desktop content or system settings.

Surf Air Wireless does not assume and is not responsible for any liability for the linking and viewing of any desktop content, the operation of the remote access software or hardware performance.

As such, Surf Air Wireless recommends that you remain at your desktop and observe the entirety of the remote session.

Please close any confidential or personal documents and/or web pages before agreeing.

I Agree

  • Available only for Microsoft Windows & Apple based computers.
  • Support provided is for Surf Air Wireless customers only.
  • A trouble ticket must be created before any technical support is provided.
  • This is for Internet/Email related problems only. Additional fees may apply for non technical support related problems.

Surf Air Wireless Hours

If you are having trouble with your Internet connection or have questions about your account, we're here to help!

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