I noticed I have E911 service, what do I need to know about it?

  • Since your phone service is dependent on your internet connection if you have any type of Internet or power outage then E911 will not be functional.
  • If you were to ever move then you would need to update your address with Surf Air Wireless.

How long does the number porting process take?

  • It takes approximately 10 business days from the time Surf Air Wireless receives all the signed paper work. Surf Air Wireless also will need a copy of your most recent phone bill.

What does the stutter dial tone mean?

  • When you pick up your handset and you hear a stuttered dial tone before the actual dial tone it simply means you have new voicemail messages.

How do I change my voicemail greeting?

  • Once you have logged into your voicemail you will be given different menu options. You will want to choose 0 for mailbox options.
  • Next you will want to follow the voice prompts.

I prefer to use an answering machine over Surf Air Wireless voicemail, how do I do that?

  • Simply call Surf Air Wireless and we can disable voicemail on your account.

Can I use my alarm system with Surf Air Wireless?

  • There are various types of alarm systems available to consumers. Some types will work with Surf Air Wireless service while others will not.