Customer Service Representative

Job Overview:

Customer Service Representatives are involved in a range of activities that can be divided up into the following broad categories: troubleshooting with customer issues regarding their service, signing up new customers for service, and handling billing of current customers. The CSR is often times our front line interface to the customer.

General Job Requirements

  • High school Education required
  • ability to work well with people under stress
  • doesn’t mind being on the phone for long periods of time while working on solutions
  • ability to walk people through possible solutions to problems
  • ability to juggle several projects or items at one time
  • able to work Saturdays periodically
  • familiarity with Microsoft Windows, Mac OSX and other computer operating systems
  • basic computer and technology troubleshooting skills

Duties and Responsibilities

  • Make a strong first impression with all customers whether interacting with them via phone or face to face
  • Support: Troubleshoot customers connectivity and email issues
  • Tier 2 support – help customers resolve more technically advanced problems
  • Billing: follow up on past due bills, take payments, etc..
  • Signups: handle new potential customers walking / calling in
  • Projects: Daily error check – address or fix any mistakes or anything overlooked / Misc.
  • Projects assigned by management
  • Walk In’s: Assist walk in customers answering questions / taking payments / Email setup on devices
  • Schedule service calls / installs


  • help retain customers through providing excellent service
  • help retain customers by providing efficient and thorough service
  • help increase the customer base by signing up new clients


  • Pay is hourly
  • Benefits are available

Surf Air Wireless’ Commitment to You:

We want you to know that you are more than an employee. We want to help you succeed in both life and your job. We want your job to be enjoyable and something you look forward to – that will take work on both of our parts and we look forward to it.