Surf Air Wireless provides multiple Internet plans to best suit your needs.  Our service is reliable, fast, and risk-free!  See if you are within our coverage by clicking on the “Check Service Availability” tab below.

For the Home

Up to 4Mbps
100 GB Monthly Data Transfer**

Great for the moderate Internet user who streams music, checks e-mail, and browses the Internet.

Wave Rider
Up to 6Mbps
150 GB Monthly Data Transfer**

Perfect for the user who moderately uses the Internet, as well as watches SD streaming video services.

Surf's Up
Up to 15Mbps
Unlimited Data

Ideal for the heavy Internet user that plays video games, streams HD video and downloads/uploads large files.

Monster Wave
Up to 25Mbps
Unlimited Data

The ultimate Surf Air Wireless Internet plan!  Our top plan for speed with up to 25Mbps and unlimited data!

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* $3 equipment rental fee added to the total. Installation fees will apply. Not all packages are available in all areas.
** $1 overage fee for every additional 1GB over the allowed Monthly Data Transfer limit for Home and Work Plans.
***Effective March 1st, 2017, our bounce fee will now be $35.00.